A compendium of notes for those seeking deep connection with self, community, and ecology

Our materials invite the reader to find their way through the Westfjords, or to wayfind using the practices of: wild-walking and camping, swimming hot & cold, foraging, storytelling, ceremony & ritual, creative response and engagement with the region’s cultural ecology. In stark contrast to Icelandic ring-road-style tourism, our guide’s deep conservation ethic inspires connection to the region’s unique ecology, both terrestrial and marine.

Three Books and One Map


The foundation for this book project lies in a decade of travel and study in Iceland and six years’ work leading walking artist residencies and volunteer conservation camps throughout the region. While facilitating the self-exploration and creative expression of our participants, we have also been able to identify the Westfjords’ best trails, natural features and cultural highlights.

Henry Fletcher: Facilitator, storyteller, and guide across different ecological zones: mountains, farmland, and the ocean.

Jay Simpson: a National Geographic Emerging Explorer Grantee and digital storyteller trained in anthropology, his work focuses on our understandings and relationships with wildlife and land.

Henry Fletcher & Jay Simpson

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