Walk With Us… June 2023

To celebrate the publication of our four-part guide, and to deepen into a loving exploration of the Westfjords’ rough edges, we invite you to walk and wild camp with us in 2023!

The invitation is to co-create a roving, carnival-esque trail experience—a kind of walking arts residency; you bring your dreaming and creativity, we provide a loose container, some direction and a space to play on the edge of the Arctic.

Formality hasn’t really been our thing and we intend to keep it that way. We are offering this walk on a donation-basis—you donate what you feel is right before or after you’ve walked with us. This hopefully makes it accessible for all and facilitates a co-creative atmosphere. Further details on costs below.

At this point, we’re scoping interest for this to happen. Please read the details below then register your interest by filling in this form.

The routeLátrabjarg to Ísafjörður, divided into two sections.

Dates: Southern meander: June 10th-21st 2023 (meeting at Patreksfjörður, departing from Reykjarfjörður); Northern tramping: 23rd June – July 2nd (meeting at Þingeyri, departing from Ísafjörður).

Themes and practices we’ll be exploring along the way: foraging, oral and ecological storytelling, cairn-building, land-art, cold/hot swimming, music, poetry and any artform you’d like to bring.

Costs: To cover costs of arranging food and transport, we’ll ask for a minimum donation of between 300-500 euros/section—we’re still working out costs.

Your space-holders, guides: Henry Fletcher, Jay Simpson, Galeo Saintz (or some combination thereof…)

Logistics: for simplicity’s sake, we’ll arrange three meals a day for the group; you’ll be expected to help with cooking and cleaning. Tents, we have a few, available on a first come first serve basis.

Application: we ask you fill in this form to register your interest and share some details about your reasons for wanting to join. We’ll then attempt to balance the groups and be in touch sharing a trail guide and more information on next steps.

Note: this is self-carry backpacking, with some long days and steep climbs. A reasonable level of fitness is required. Participants are fully responsible for their own insurance for travel and  medical or emergency care.