USA Orders — Clearing customs & making final address changes

Summary: Shipping soon — Important updates for USA-orders

Dear all of our 225 USA early supporters located across 35 states,

Last week, after much anticipation and self-induced anxiety after reading magazine articles about shipping containers lost at sea, I received notification that the Vienna Express had successfully crossed the Atlantic with our five pallets of books/maps and had moored in the Port of New York.

I have since received word that our container was removed from the ship and that I should be hearing updates this week (June 13-17, 2022) regarding the materials clearing US Customs and being delivered to a storage unit a few blocks from where I live in Brooklyn.

When will deliveries be made for USA-backers?

As soon as I have received the books and maps, I will begin working on packaging all orders for delivery. Once I walk completed packages over to the USPS, their website states it takes 2-8 business days for delivery. If you have a confirmed date of travel to Iceland approaching, please email us at

How can I get more frequent updates?

Follow @WayfindingGuide on Instagram/Twitter, and check the accounts regularly if you want to receive more updates.

Can I change my address?

Yes, but please do so as soon as possible!!! Email us at

Is there a way for me to add to my order?

Yes, visit if you wish to add another compendium to your order. Orders of multiple compendiums will ship separately due to packaging constraints.

Thank you for your support and patience as we’ve worked over the last year to bring this dream to fruition. I am so very excited to receive the USA stockpile of Walking & Wayfinding in the Westfjords and cannot wait to get it distributed to all of you!

Jay & Henry

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