Production Complete: Books Bound & Map Folded! Time to Freight

Summary: Production wraps — Time to freight — Fulfilment plans — World Trails Network

Dear Backer,

We’re sorry it has been a long wait since our last update and thank you for your patience as we sorted out the following details to complete production and arrange our fulfilment plans. This email/update contains lots of details and new estimated dates for fulfilment so please do take the time to read it. We will share more updates soon, but for now we are straight to business:

We’re thrilled to announce that the printers have completed production on all components of the Walking & Wayfinding in the Westfjords materials! Over the last few weeks, the books have been sewn, glued, and bound with their beautiful covers, and the maps have been printed and folded by specialty folding machines. Now, all of our materials are sitting in boxes on pallets awaiting freight shipping to the UK and USA, where Jay and I will split fulfilment duties for all Kickstarter and web pre-orders.

Time to freight
Of all the work required to complete this project, freight shipping has been the most opaque step in the process. The global shipping nightmare caused by COVID continues and is now joined by unexpected impacts from the criminal invasion of Ukraine. At the end of last week, we received the final cost of freight shipping our materials overland (and via tunnel) to the United Kingdom and via heavily laden boats to New York City. We also received new estimates for our timeline, shared below.

Keeping us motivated through all of this is the anticipation of receiving an estimated two tonnes of books and maps to share with the world!

UK Freight Estimated Arrival: in the next 1-2 weeks

US (NYC) Freight Estimated Arrival: June 27th

Fulfilment plans
The freight shipment to the United Kingdom will be first to arrive at its destination, at which point Henry will set out to package and post all orders within the UK, Europe/EEA area, Asia, South America, and Australia. Once the US-bound sea freight copies are received (June), orders in the United States and Canada will be fulfilled by Jay.

United Kingdom: Delivery by Royal Mail 2nd Class (estimated 2-3 working days)

Iceland: Orders will be fulfilled in May/June.

Europe, Asia, South America, & Australia: We’ve budgeted to deliver via the Royal Mail’s ‘International Economy’ option. You can choose to speed up your delivery to ‘International Standard’ for an extra cost (approx £15/compendium) — please email for details.

United States: We’ve budgeted to deliver by US Media Mail (shipping in 2–8 working days).

Canada: We plan to deliver by USPS Priority Mail International (shipping in 6–10 working days).

Want your books sooner?

We know we are months behind our initial production calendars and delivery timelines and that there may be much-anticipated trips to Iceland right around the corner for many of you. We’re sorry for these delays and we want you to get your books as soon as we can move them to you! If your timeline so requires, we will send copies from our UK distribution centre if you are willing to cover the reasonably-priced additional postage.

Please email us for details:

World Trails Network

This superb global trails network has announced September 26th-30th as the date for its next conference. The location will be in Skiathos, Greece. This is for trail enthusiasts, professionals, managers, the outdoor industry and many more. We can’t recommend getting involved enough!

Alongside the conference, both Jay and I have been involved in setting up the World Trails Film Festival. This is a space to celebrate trail stories and inspire collective action in support of their use and protection.

The festival considers all types of film media including feature-length, short, documentary, educational, animation, and others.

Share the word and lean in!

Thank you for your patience and wishing you a belated Happy Easter!

Henry & Jay

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